Out of Storage

Route 2: From Canal House to Villa Villekulla

A family route about the house and the interior.

Birgit Bertram

For families with children from 7-12 years

In this route, you will encounter artworks that are connected to the house and the interior. Objects you know from your own house. However, in Out of Storage everything is a little different, which is very typical for art. Artists want to make us think about the world around us and the place we live in.

In this route you will find background information about artworks, but also small questions and assignments that will help you to think about the art, look again, talk about the art or become creative yourself. You do not have to answer all the question or make all the assignments. Make your own choice!

There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. That is also very typical for art. It is important that you try to find answers with your family, but it can happen that different family members have different answers. In that case, a discussion can be very inspiring! And hopefully you will also see things differently in your own house when you are back!

Joseph Grigely, Kitchen Conversation, 1996