Out of Storage

Route 1: The Belgium route

Koen Brams and Dirk Pültau

At some point, the making of an artwork turns into the showing of an artwork. The showing of an artwork may in turn pass into the selling of it. The buying of an artwork may at some point pass into the storing or the (private or public) displaying or reselling of an artwork. And so on. The study of the curricula vitae of individual works of art can offer interesting perspectives on how art acquires meaning. Who made the artwork, what did the artist say about the artwork, where and when was it first exhibited, how was it received by the critics, how was it seen, where and when was it shown afterwards, who bought the work of art and why? The importance and the meaning we attach to a work of art is amongst others the result of the road that the artwork has passed.

Works of art often carry that chain of transactions with them. By highlighting these roles and transactions, an ‘alternative’ history of the visual arts can be written. The artworks in this route are potential key players in an alternative history of art in Belgium.

A route with artworks by, amongst others, Guy Mees, Bruce Nauman and Matt Mullican.

Guy Mees, Verloren Ruimte (Espace Perdu)