Out of Storage

14 3 2012:
During Tefaf - Frank Bruggeman
Victor Burgin, Gradiva, 1982

At the invitation of Out of Storage, artist Frank Bruggeman made an intervention in the exhibition. At Out of Storage Bruggeman presents a variation on the still life as it is often shown at the Tefaf.
The work of Frank Bruggeman shows a great fascination for nature, especially for plant material. In combination with objects that are coated with an artificial cyan blue color he makes installations for indoor and outdoor space and so-called flower pieces and plant scapes. Each design works towards a precarious balance; Bruggeman wants to dominate nature but at the same time he shows plants and flowers in their optimum mature form. In his installations he minimizes visibility of the controlled, and shows preference wild species, which are a metaphor for freedom to him.
More work by Frank Bruggeman can be found in the windows of Kiki Niesten, Stokstraat 28-32, Maastricht.