Out of Storage

31 10 2011:
New at Out of Storage: Destrøy/Design
Jim Isermann, Untitled (Chair and Painting)

Just like Out of Storage, Destrøy/Design is based on the collection of FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais. A part of this traveling exhibition is now presented in the Timmerfabriek. The exhibition shows a number of iconic examples of design from the past decades. By presenting these objects within this temporary museum, the relationship between design and art is implicitly addressed. The industrial revolution and recent technological developments are partly responsible for a changing view on craftsmanship, tradition and production processes, thereby also changing the position of the artist and the designer. The exhibition Specters of the Nineties at Marres, centre for contemporary culture, is interesting in this respect, since it focuses on these developments. This exhibition is on show until mid-January 2012.

‘Destroy’ in the title of this exhibition refers to an approach that questions the certainty of values and inverts existing systems. This form of deconstruction shows similarities with an earlier revolution within the visual arts at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Dadaists and surrealists revolted against the values of the bourgeois society. In those days, the ‘readymades’ by Marcel Duchamp were presented for the first time and caused a shock within the art world. Most of the works that have been selected for Destrøy/Design unquestionably arose out of a similar ironic view on art, design and society. The catalogue of Destrøy/Design is available at Marres Books.