Out of Storage

Sunday Documentary: 
Panamarenko Multimiljonair!
4 3 2012
Free (with valid exhibition ticket)
Panamarenko, Verti-vortex, 1981

Out of Storage – the Sunday documentaries A documentary is screened at Out of Storage every Sunday at 11.30 am. These documentaries focus on artists from the exhibition.

Panamarenko: multimiljonair!
Length: 52 minutes
Dutch subtitles

The Flemish artist Panamarenko has been captivating his audience for over forty years with his extraordinary art objects: plains, submarines, cars, flying carpets and birds. The documentary Panamarenko: Multimiljonair! presents an artist that seems to escape every attempt at classification. This documentary will be shown in the context of the Belgium-day on the 20th of November, a day that also includes freshly baked fries and Belgian Beers for the visitors of Out of Storage. At the end of the afternoon there will be an interview with artist Leo Copers by Dirk Pültau, and the screening of a documentary about artist James Lee Byars with an introduction by Koen Brams. The documentary Panamarenko: Multimiljonair! follows the artist on a tour through his magical world. It presents the artist – dressed in waders and assisted by his blond fiancée Evelyne Hoorens – while he is testing a hydroplane in a pond that he has dug out in front of his house in France. The documentary also shows the artist in his studio while he is explaining his latest creation, an airplane shaped like a shiny soap bubble with enormous wings, to an aeronautical engineer. Furthermore, it shows archival material of a young Panamarenko hanging upside down from an iron construction with magnetic shoes or inflating an early version of his zeppelin. Except for some wrinkles and grey hairs, he does not seem to have changed much in the forty years that have passed since he first set foot in the artistic domain.