Out of Storage

Sunday Documentary: 
Sol LeWitt: Wall drawings
12 2 2012
Free (with valid exhibition ticket)
Sol LeWitt, Five Open Geometric Structures and their Combinations

Out of Storage – the Sunday documentaries A documentary is screened at Out of Storage every Sunday at 11.30 am. These documentaries focus on artists from the exhibition.

Sol LeWitt: Wall drawings
Length: 66 minutes
English without subtitles

During the four decades of his career, Sol LeWitt produced more than 1200 wall drawings using a deliberately limited repertoire of lines and geometric shapes to create works of remarkable complexity. LeWitt is considered one of the key pioneers of conceptual art. His belief that the idea that generates the work of art is more important than its execution redefined art making. Sol LeWitt’s decision to utilize other artists to install his wall drawings in architecturally diverse spaces informs the execution of his works. Like a musical score, his wall drawings play differently each time they are produced. This film takes as its focus the retrospective of LeWitt’s wall drawings at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts, which opened for a 25 year run in November 2008. The exhibition includes 105 works from 1968-2008, installed posthumously, on roughly 40,000 square feet of old mill wall surface - the most expansive view of LeWitt’s oeuvre in a single space.